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April Progress Update

This is the 2nd monthly report to Members of Southminster on the status of the project

As many of you will be aware, the congregation met last week and approved a change in the agreement.  We have adjusted the agreement so that the proposed residential development on Aylmer and Galt Streets can be done without any rezoning on Bank Street.  Windmill retains an option to purchase the property but is proceeding only with the residential portion at this time.

As has been discussed during the various sessions with Windmill, the proposed designs have reduced the density of the project since it was first conceived.  We have also been able to secure adjustments in the financials so that we can keep the project viable in spite of this.


There will be a 2nd Open House/Town Hall session on May 8th hosted by Windmill at the church  - this time in the Parlour.  Everyone is welcome.   The re-zoning application continues to be worked on and we hope to have more details at the Open House.


Respectfully Submitted,


Andrew Brewin

Chair: Southminster Tomorrow Task Group

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