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June Progress Update


This is the 3rd monthly report to Members of Southminster on the status of the project

We have completed the 1st major milestone in the re-zoning process.  As many of you will know, the official application for Re-zoning has been made.  The City’s Planning Committee is currently scheduled to vote on August 22.  Overall, the process is now managed by the City and therefore is subject to change.  The information about the application can be found at the city’s web site at:

There is a link on the site for people to comment.  I’m sure the city would love to hear from Southminster members on why this is so important to us.


With the formal application comes the public notice and an increased interest in what we are planning.  The Ottawa Citizen ran an interesting overview of the situation which you can access at:   Articles are appearing in OSCAR and other community newspapers as people are recognizing that we represent something happening with other church communities.


We are also seeing some opponents of the project expressing their opinions.  We certainly respect those opinions and encourage a healthy debate.  Some, unfortunately are making comments without having all the facts in place.   For example, there seems to be the mistaken view that we have had prior proposals that are financially as good as the one from Windmill.  As the congregation knows, this is simply not true.  We have spent more than 10 years investigating options and consulting with a range of people and organizations.  Windmill came recommended to us by multiple 3rd parties and has presented the very best option for us.  We have been able to negotiate strong financial terms that puts us on a sound financial situation for what should be many years to come. 


Once the rezoning is in place, the real work will begin.  We will be looking for help from all our members.  There are many important things to do – from moving the Memorial Gardens to deciding on where to place the other important reminders of our past to design and ultimately construction for re-fitting the main building.  Please give some thought to how you may wish to get involved.  As one of the committee members reminded us at our last meeting – we are taking advantage of the legacy past members have given us so that Southminster can continue and now we, the current membership can leave our own legacy to the next generations. 


Southminster is a caring community.  We take very seriously our responsibilities to our members and to the community of Old Ottawa South.  We treasure the assistance we have been able to give through Centre 7, Scouts Canada, AA and the many other pre-school, music and community organizations with whom we share our space.  I, for one am excited for our future and look forward to seeing what new things we will be able to accomplish with our neighbours in the months and years ahead.

Respectfully Submitted,


Andrew Brewin

Chair: Southminster Tomorrow Task Group

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