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In our Spiritual Practices groups we explore simple and transformative traditions such

as mindfulness, gratitude, hospitality and discernment. Sessions offer both needed individual space and group time, where in the safety of sacred space, and at their own pace, participants can explore their own internal response to the urgings of the Holy within us. It is a place of trust where we encourage and support each others growth.  Meetings generally consist of a check in with members of the group, a short meditation, a reading or presentation, individual reflection time, and sharing of reflections.  


The Spiritual Practices group meets on alternate Fridays at 10:00 am in the upstairs parlour. All are welcome. Please contact the church office for specific dates.

Spiritual Practices Groups

Here are comments from people who have attended:

  • I found it very helpful to have a specific spiritual practice to focus on, along with the guidance that went with it.  I really feel that I learn a lot about myself, and my spirituality, and increase my appreciation of other perspectives. 

  • ...a place where spiritual growth occurs in a safe, secure environment... 

  • Being in this small group was both challenging and exhilarating.  Challenging, because I wound up thinking through, and clarifying, ideas and beliefs that were quite nebulous.  Exhilarating, because each time I grew in understanding, community, and faith, and there were always some aha! moments.  

  • I was searching to find out who I was and who God was in my life. I found both at spiritual practices and more… ... I could allow others to know me, the real me, and I could get to know and respect others and their opinions. ... I realized that God was and is very much a part of my life… 

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