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Local, National, & Global Outreach Committee

Southminster's Local, National, & Global Outreach Committee (LNGO) is an active, multi-generational group working together to share our passion for faith in action in the world. This passion has long been a marker of Southminster people.


The LNGO Committee is committed to raising awareness and providing information about social issues on all levels: LOCAL, NATIONAL and GLOBAL.


Mission and Service

On the global and national levels, LNGO promotes awareness of the United Church of Canada (UCC) Mission and Service Fund (M&S). This important program supports many service ventures in Canada and around the world. At Southminster, the LNGO group leads our annual fund-raising commitment for the M&S Fund and shares information about M&S during worship and in congregational activities.

Local Concerns

Locally, LNGO leads Southminster’s ongoing support of community outreach partnerships and justice-seeking programs and activities that include:

Social Justice

At the national level, LNGO continues to respond to matters of social justice.

  • Through the LNGO Committee, Southminster has become a supporter of Dignity for All: a Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada 

  • We join with the United Church of Canada as it continues its journey with Indigenous peoples towards mutuality, respect and equity. Please visit our Seeking Right Relationships page to learn more about our commitment to the work of reconciliation.


United Church of Canada Concerns

The LNGO Committee also pays attention to international matters of concern to the United Church of Canada.


Interested to know more? We welcome new members at any time and would be happy to talk with you about the work of LNGO and how you can get involved!

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