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Southminster Community Forum

Southminster Community Forum owes its inception to the generous bequest of Peter Kemp, who up until his death in 2019, was an active and valued member of Southminster United Church in Old Ottawa South.

Peter Kemp left a significant fund to go towards public events which reflect some of his own passions and interests including: the environment, conservation, social justice, social enterprise, poverty, healthcare, and indigenous communities.

Peter Kemp worked at the Canadian International Development Agency from 1978 until his retirement in 2009, which included postings to Pakistan, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. He had a clear and well-developed sense of the meaning of the term "outreach." He was an active volunteer with Centre 7 Out-of-the-Cold Supper program, and enthusiastically supported many other initiatives such as the Doors Open for Music at Southminster concert series.

Our inaugural event was held on March 26, 2022...

Finding the Mother Tree

A public talk and discussion with author Dr. Suzanne Simard on the urgent need to rethink our relationship with the natural world.


From left: Graham Saul, Stephanie McNeely, Suzanne Simard, Gauri Sreenivasan. March 26, 2022

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