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Notice of a Special Congregational Meeting 

Monday, June 20, 2022, 1900 hrs.

As first announced on Sunday, June 5, official notice is hereby given of a Special Congregational Meeting of Southminster Church for Monday, June 20 at 1900 by Zoom, pursuant to Section 5(g) of the Southminster Governance Model of January 31, 2010 which allows the Chair of the last Annual General Meeting to call a Special Congregational Meeting if ten (10) members request it.

The purpose of the meeting is to receive and review the Doors Open for Music at Southminster (DOMS) Task Group Report of April 13, 2022 and to consider and take appropriate action on its recommendations.

Links to the Task Group Report and other relevant information are provided below.

Members Requesting this Meeting:

Margaret Isaac, Brian Kinsley, Peggy Kinsley, Heather Macfaden, Donald Macpherson, Margaret Macpherson, Suzanne Wilson-Marjerrison, Isla Paterson, Conrad Watters. Nancy Watters,

Plus Adherents: Eugene Oscapella, Edith Fraser, Valerie Hindle


Lawrence S. Cumming, Past Chairperson of Congregational Meetings,

June, 8, 2022


Supporting Documents:

Letter from Rev. Steven Moore 11 March 2022:

Music-related Motions from the 2021 annual report:

Report of the DOMS Task Group 13 April 2022:

DOMS report from the 2021 annual report:

Proposed Agenda and Motions:



Invitation to Zoom meeting:

June 20, 2022 - Sign in opens at 6:30 pm; Meeting begins at 7:00 pm


Join Zoom Meeting


Dial in

587-328-1099  OR  647-374-4685


Meeting ID: 853 6131 4979    Passcode: 190380

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